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Vanessa Kitchen Interviews with the WSJ

Vanessa Kitchen, real-estate agent, at Pacific UnionSan Francisco, Calif. Previously an agent at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in New York, NY.

One client was a high-net worth individual who wanted to find a doorman building in Manhattan with two separate entrances so that he could purchase an apartment in the same building for his mistress, and exit and enter the building to visit her without his wife seeing.

He didn’t actually tell my partner this, he told me-I was more removed from those [social] circles-so I wouldn’t tell his wife, basically. He wanted somewhere where it wasn’t a service entrance, but the chances of running into the wife would be lessened.

He was like, “if I purchased or rented an apartment in the building for my ‘friend,’ I would want her to be able to enter the building in a different entrance than the main one. Are there are any buildings with two entrances, and maybe one is slightly less public?”

I said “do you want to add this to your search criteria?” and he said “No, this is between you and me.”

That really narrowed down the number of buildings. I told him I would keep an eye out and alert him if something was especially appropriate for that. I know of a couple buildings like that but they weren’t really in his prime Upper East Side criteria. Not a lot of the co-ops on the Upper East Side do that. And they’re also so service oriented, so they wouldn ‘t want someone to come in and not be greeted by the doorman.

They ended up purchasing something in a new development. They didn’t go through us. After all that, we didn’t get a commission.

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