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This 2-bed apartment in downtown San Francisco is way, way too expensive

Andrew Chamings |

This two-bedroom luxury condo at 181 Fremont St (the same building where Keanu Reeves bathed with a toy duck in the new “Matrix” movie trailer) was never going to be cheap, but read on to find out how high the monthly rent actually is. If you’ve got some spare Bitcoin to sell this may be the place for you.

181 Fremont Street with high touch blackout
— Craigslist

We’re not sure why there’s a monolith in the apartment but it looks expensive. (This is actually one of several “high touch blackouts” in the 2,100 square-foot space.)

Inside the apartment with views of Millennium Tower
— Craigslist

In maybe a cheeky nod to the building’s sinking (and slightly shorter) neighbor on the same block, the Millennium Tower, the listing boasts that it’s “The most resilient tall building on the West Coast, featuring the deepest caissons of any residential tower in the city, burrowing nearly 260′ below ground, anchored into bedrock.”

View of Bay Bridge in San Francisco
— Craigslist

The apartment is on the 58th floor, so the view of the sunrise over the bay is probably pretty sweet.

Keanu Reeves taking a bath in the new Matrix movie

Here’s Keanu Reeves taking a bath in the same building in “The Matrix Resurrections” trailer.

Sleek and modern kitchen
— Craigslist

According to the listing, those kitchen countertops are Brazilian Macaubas quartzite and were chosen “for their beauty and durability.” The cabinets? You guessed it: Valcucine glass.

Modern bathroom sink with expansive city views
— Craigslist

Not a bad view to take in while brushing your teeth.

How much to rent this luxury — sorry — “ultra-luxury” apartment?…
$24,000 a month.

You read that right. That’s over a quarter million bucks a year for a two-bed apartment in San Francisco.

Find the full listing here.