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The Restoration Hardware CEO’s Napa House Is Straight Out of a Catalog

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Restoration Hardware CEO Gary Friedman is selling his Napa Valley home in St. Helena, CA, but there’s a twist: the six-bedroom property, listed for $10.5 million, was designed entirely by the team at RH.

Friedman, 58, reportedly bought the house in 2013 but settled on another abode in the area before he moved in. He then decided to turn Eight Palms, as it’s called, into a two-year design project, outfitting everything in the home from with his company’s products.

The CEO “personally led the RH design team, and all the furnishings are RH down to the linens and planters,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The wine in the vault is from a business RH bought that sells wine, art and antiques.”

Calling this the first “RH Residence,” Friedman said the company has “no immediate plans” to enter the real estate business, but didn’t rule it out.

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