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Johnny Depp’s LA Condo Critiqued by Pacific Union Real Estate Professional Bill Cooper

Johnny Depp Leaves Behind Pirate Ship Chandelier After Selling L.A. Condo

It's understood the fixture was a wedding present to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star and Amber Heard that neither claimed in the divorce.
Cash-strapped Johnny Depp managed to unload all five of his apartments in downtown L.A.’s Eastern Columbia building, an art deco jewel where he and ex-wife Amber Heard once nested. But the Pirates of the Caribbean star did leave something behind in a corner penthouse: a pirate ship-shaped chandelier hanging over the entranceway.Currently on the market as a rental for $7,500 per month, the 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom condo (the second one to sell out of the five) features a shimmering pirate ship-shaped chandelier hanging from the ceiling at the entrance, a nod to his blockbuster franchise. It is understood to have been a wedding present to Depp and Heard, who split in the summer 2016.”The pirate ship chandelier is a great conversation piece to have if you’re living there,” says realtor Bill Cooper of Pacific Union International. Cooper, who has been downtown for 15 years and serves as president of L.A.’s Downtown Real Estate Association, is listing the property.There’s more: Depp also left behind a giant vault door that connected two of the units on the second floor.

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