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San Francisco Chronicle Spotlights Kristin Cashin in Sound Off Feature

How does the Bay Area commute harm or help a home’s appeal?

Answer from Kristin Cashin of Pacific Union’s Menlo Park office.

“I always mention access to transit in my listings and I believe that homes near public transit will continue to increase in demand and value. It is definitely a real concern. As traffic increases year over year, buyers are seeking homes closer to convenient commute corridors. Others move closer to their offices. City centers and Caltrain go hand-in-hand on the Peninsula, resulting in premium prices for land and rentals. Here, the lots may be smaller and the cost high, but homes and rentals move quickly as residents seek convenient amenities near public transportation. Highway 280 is also the commute of choice for those heading to San Jose and San Francisco. The lots are larger and the prices higher as people pay a premium for an efficient, scenic commute. Many local companies offer increased benefits for employees who move closer to their campus.”

Kristin Cashin, Pacific Union International
(650) 378-2603

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