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$2 million South Beach loft has (closet) space for days

Complex-style living might equate to cramped spaces and non-existent storage, but all those notions go out the window with this South Beach home. Three floors and 20-foot ceilings make this condo roomy enough for even a 12-guest dinner party, which must include dancing on the roof deck.

The first floor is a large private garage with storage space in abundance. Climb up the stairs and you’ll be greeted with natural light flooding in from the huge picture windows in the living room. Six ceiling fans circulate air like island trade winds. An open kitchen allows guests seated in the dining room to watch the chef in action. The main-floor bedroom features barn-style sliding doors, which allow for both exposure and seclusion, the latter a hard-to-come-by asset in most lofts.

The mezzanine-level master suite is both airy and cozy thanks to automatic privacy shades, a remodeled bath, and a study. The only reason to emerge from this floor would be to scavenge for food in the kitchen.

 Location: 1 Clarence Place #9 (South Beach)

Size: 1,933 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Asking price: $1,998,000

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