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Nina Hatvany’s Marina Listing Featured on 7×7

Assuming you plan to spend at least some time outside the master bath, this house will continue to take your breath away. Don’t be fooled by its humble outward appearance on the flat block of Francisco Street, everything changes once you step through the custom redwood front door and climb up to the main level—Rich hardwood floors, aluminum and glass handrails and sleek modern design await. A large black and crystal white fireplace and barbecue deck adjoin the living room, and the kitchen has every amenity a home cook could ask for. Two gorgeous bedrooms (or office spaces) on the lower level are practically integrated with the lush garden outside, and one even has its own entrance to tiptoe out for a late night adventure.

But the real luxury lies upstairs. The master suite actually begins with a beautiful deck with private outdoor seating, and then continues on to the walk-in closets and bedroom area, before bringing you to a expansive balcony overlooking the garden and Palace of Fine Arts (which, by this point, you can practically claim as part of your backyard). And yes, that wasn’t a typo; there are not one, but two walk-in closets, with custom built-ins, an island, and natural lighting from the skylight above.

With five bedrooms spanned over three levels, this house promises enough breathtaking views to share with all your family and friends. Or feel free to keep them all to yourself and get back to that bubble bath…

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