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Marilyn Rich Spotlighted in SF Chronicle Sound Off

Sound Off: What advice do you have for someone looking to start a career as a Realtor?

A: Going into real estate is a full-time commitment that includes not just passing the real estate exam, but having a realistic viewpoint of how the first year of a new agent’s career unfolds.

Having friends or acquaintances that are established agents is a real plus. These agents will give a realistic picture of what it’s like to start building a business. They can also talk about which real estate brokerages welcome new agents. Some brokerages do not take on inexperienced agents unless they are being mentored by someone established.

Learn everything you can about all aspects of the business, the costs associated with selling, the hours that it takes to establish ones self, how to successfully network, etc. Every agent does it his/her own way, but having a business plan that includes money for marketing and for living expenses is essential. When you finally receive your real estate license, you still cannot practice real estate unless you are registered with a broker or brokerage firm, so plan ahead as to where you will interview.

Selling real estate offers a great career with major satisfaction gained from helping clients buy and sell. Many life-long and special friendships come from this terrific business.

Marilyn Rich, Pacific Union Real Estate, (415) 461-8605,

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