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FRIENDS’s Matthew Perry LUXURIOUS Penthouse S.P Dropped To $27 Million- STEAL DEAL

By Himanshi Gupta

Thursday, 9 July 2020, 07:41 EDTModified date: Saturday, 22 August 2020, 00:58 EDT

Selling property can be a tricky business, exceptionally when it way too luxurious for just the common-ordinary people to afford. But it looks like Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) from the hit-sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.s is finally putting his foot down.

Matthew Perry‘s Penthouse In Los Angeles Reeks LUXURY From Every Corner

Matthew Perry relists L.A. penthouse for $27 million

Matthew Perry, who is famously known for his role in the hit-series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., is calculated to be of net worth $80 million. It’s only natural of him to own multiple properties. Apart from the house, he stays in New York. He also holds a super luxurious penthouse in Los Angeles.

Friends star Matthew Perry forced to slash price of Batman

The penthouse has said to be of 9300ft with a 180 degree L.A. view. The house also has a huge king-sized bed along with four bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The house comes with a luxury white kitchen with a separate area dedicated to having breakfast at. And if that doesn’t make it luxury enough, the penthouse also comes with 4 huge terraces.

Matthew Perry's L.A. Penthouse Decorative Lighting

Matthew surely has a taste for interiors. The furniture around the house has a very modern and comfortable vibe. It is filled with velvet touch of grey and green theme over a wooden floor. And the entire house’s main theme is of Batman!

Take a Look inside Matthew Perry's Los Angeles Penthouse He Bought

Not just the huge living space, the building also hosts a movie theatre, a gym, a pool and very-own wine storage area. The penthouse covers the entire 40th floor!!!

Perry’s penthouse has been in the market for sale for over a year now. He bought it for $20 million back in 2017 and was selling it for $35 million. But all his efforts to sell the house went in vain. So he decided to cut the profits and reduce the price.

The new steal-deal price for Perry’s Batman-themed luxury penthouse is now $27 million! He has cut down the price by $8 million, and we are STUNNED!

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