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Elon Musk finds buyer for ‘last remaining house’ as he focuses on Mars mission

Mary K. Jacob |

Elon Musk finds buyer to his final home, located in San Francisco.;Getty Images

Elon Musk has finally scored a buyer for the final home he owns nearly a month after it was listed for sale in San Francisco, The Post can report.

The property went under contract on Saturday, Nov. 13 — a year-and-a-half after the billionaire vowed to unload his vast real estate portfolio to focus on his mission to colonize Mars. Click here to read more via

However, the contract is pending a contingent offer — meaning Musk, 50, has accepted an initial proposal, but certain conditions must be met, and in some cases he has the right to back out of the sale if he chooses.

The Tesla and SpaceX boss initially listed the home “by owner” in July, so that any potential buyers would have to go through him directly to put in a bid. However, it seems that no one could get a hold of him, according to one insider, so the home stayed on the market for months.

Musk initially purchased the 10-bedroom, 16,000-square-foot mansion with “unobstructed bay views” for $23.3 million in 2017. The home is currently listed $31.99 million after first hitting the market in the spring of 2020 for $35 million.

Exterior view of a mansion with white facade
The property is located in Hillsborough, California.

In 2020, he boldly announced that such material possessions were too much of a distraction from more lofty goals, such as getting to Mars and “working on sustainable energy for Earth.” Click here to read more via the nypost.

The century-old residence, located in San Fran’s swank Hillsborough neighborhood, was briefly taken off the market in September, before making its way back on the market on Oct. 11 with formal listing agents.

Mary and Brent Gullixson of Compass hold the listing. The Post has reached out to Musk’s reps for comment.

“Decided to sell my last remaining house,” Musk wrote in a tweet at the time.

Made up of seven bedrooms and 10 baths, Musk referred to the Hillsborough home as “a special place” meant for a “large family.”

Screenshot of a twitter post from Elon Musk about selling his house

The home was the last of the known properties owned by the South Africa-born business magnate, who revealed at the start of the pandemic that he was selling his possessions to focus on much bigger things.

Musk selling his final home also comes on the heels of his announcement that he would move his Tesla headquarters from California to Texas. Click here to read more via

In total, the entrepreneur has sold an estimated $100 million in real estate assets.

Musk is currently ranked the wealthiest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $271.5 billion.

The grand foyer of Elon Musk’s “last remaining home” in Hillsborough, California.