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Edwardian renovation in Lake District seeks $4.4 million

Edwardian renovation in Lake District seeks $4.4 million

Former glory seeks to double its price

Though San Francisco Planning ostensibly frowns upon reduction of housing stock, we’ve been seeing many two-become-one instances as of late hit the market. Curious. Take, for example, the following mammoth Edwardian in the pricey and petite Lake District neighborhood.

Once a two-unit building, purchased in 2015 for a cool $2,300,000, this circa-1909 home has since been overhauled into a single-family home. Only the facade reveals its Edwardian heritage. Inside it’s contemporary all the way.

Featuring four beds, three and a half baths, and an ample 4,025 square feet, 138-140 Eighth Avenue now comes with an open floor plan, gorgeous roof deck, new hardwood flooring, skylights, and a freshly landscaped backyard.

So much room one could adopt large three dogs to live here comfortably. Glorious.

Asking is $4,496,000.

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