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Atherton: California’s most expensive zip code. Here’s what the $6M median buys

Atherton: California’s most expensive zip code. Here’s what the $6M median buys

Atherton home sellers can break out that champagne they’ve been saving. Once again, the 94027 zip code is making news for being expensive. This time, according to Time Magazine, Atherton wins the award for being the most expensive place to buy a home in California.

How expensive? The median value is now $6,177,000

Atherton has always been pricey. Even in the dark post-crash landscape of 2009, the median for 94027 was near $3,000,000. But post-recovery, that median seems like chump change. On the Block reported that by 2014,  this zip code was the most expensive zip code in the entire nation. That time, the figures were even more inflated:  A  “2013 Forbes report noted that the median home price in the summer of 2013 was $6.67M, the nation’s highest,” and 2014 it was “upwards of $9.44M.”

The current median home value of $6,177,000 is down from 2014, but still high enough to top any other zip code in what we all well know is one of the most expensive states in the union. Unsurprisingly, residents of the 94027 are among the nation’s wealthiest:  “Atherton’s median household income is in excess of $250,000,” says Time.

Above, you’ll see some examples (some of which we find a little underwhelming given the dollar amount) of what your median price money buys in the 94027.

National perspective

The Time study rated other zip codes as well.  For perspective, Alaska’s city of Anchorage is its priciest. The 99516 zip has a median home value of $446,000. In Hawaii, Honolulu’s 96821 has a $1,295,400 median. New York’s 11976, in Water Mill, near East Hampton, has a median similar to (but less expensive than) Atherton’s: $3,798,500.

The cheaper living, lest we think there isn’t any, is found in Oklahoma, where that state’s city of Piedmont– the 73078 offers a median of $196,900.

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