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Agi Smith featured in SF Chronicle’s Sound Off!

What is the importance of acquiring permits when selling your home?

A: There are so many facets to consider when you talk about per­mits. For example, is the property located within the city or county limits? Are you doing a kitchen remodel or are you expanding the footprint of the home? This is where the rubber meets the road. If you are expanding the footprint of the house, you should supply the city with a professional plan and make sure the calcula­tions are correct. Let’s say you just want to do a kitchen remodel; then you should make sure your contractor installs everything to code and disclose, disclose, disclose when you decide to sell your home. If you are located in the county, you will have to speak to a knowl­edgeable contractor in addition to the county to see how it will affect your private septic system. Even if you are only planning to build a pool cabana, the county will require you to do a site evaluation to ensure there is room on the property for a reserve area for the leach lines. What does a permit get you? You get a city inspector to come out and make sure everything was done professionally to code, and they sign off on the work and it becomes public record. This does add peace of mind, especially when square footage is added to a home.

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