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5 LEED-Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Emile L’Eplattenier|June 7, 2019

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

There are a ton of people out there who still associate healthy with bland and boring. There’s just something about a pan-seared rib eye that tofu can’t match.

When it comes to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified homes, many buyers have similar misconceptions. In some buyer’s minds LEED and luxury are polar opposites. Just more tofu and kale when they really want lobster and lamb chops.

Luckily, advances in technology mean today’s LEED-certified homes don’t force buyers to choose between Sierra Club bragging rights and luxury living.

This week, we looked far and wide for examples of LEED-certified homes that even a cigar chomping Hummer driver would love.

1. 950 Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Asking: $45,000,000
Listing Agent: Val Steele
Listing Brokerage: Compass
LEED Certification Level: Platinum

While we usually leave the godzilla-sized fantasy listings for the end of these articles, we couldn’t resist starting off with 950 Lombard Street in San Francisco. There’s just too much going on here to leave it for the end of the article.

One block down from the infamous squiggle section of Lombard Street, AKA “the crookedest street in the world”, 950 Lombard isn’t just a LEED-certified house, but an entire city block including a private park.

As the listing description boasts, (justifiably for once), this property is ready for everything from an intimate dinner party to a “formal event easily accommodating 300+ guests”. You’ll also get a Beverly Hills style infinity pool, truly jaw-dropping views, olive trees, a private park, a two story art gallery, as well as a state-of-the-art ventilation system that changes the air in the 9,500 square foot home twelve times per day.

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living
LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Did we mention this is the most expensive home in San Francisco history? This may sound crazy, but considering what you’re actually getting here we can’t help but think this is kind of a bargain.

2. 508 Pleasant Street Boulder, Colorado

Asking: $3,300,000
Listing Agent: Patrick Brown
Listing Brokerage: Compass
LEED Certification Level: Unknown

Another excellent way to reduce your new home’s carbon footprint is to adapt a home that has already been built. That means zero new trees cut down, and a massive reduction in materials shipped from faraway places just to build a place to hang your hat.

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living
LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Nestled at the foot of postcard-perfect Flagstaff Mountain in Colorado, 508 Pleasant more than lives up to the promise of the street name. After all, it’s a circa 1900 Victorian kitted out with the latest in green living technology and luxury finishes. What’s not to love?

3. 1111 South Grand Avenue, PH1, Los Angeles, California

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Asking: $2,349,000
Listing Agent: David Lukan
Listing Brokerage: Compass

Don’t have $45,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket and want something closer to nightlife? In that case, a LEED-certified luxury apartment will tick all your boxes.

In Downtown Los Angeles, this sprawling 3,400 square foot LEED-certified penthouse loft at Elleven Lofts will let you help save the planet in style.

Boasting floor to ceiling windows, massive New York City style concrete columns, wraparound terrace with city views, chef’s kitchen, and gleaming cherry stained floors, you won’t have to sacrifice a thing to do it.

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living
LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

This being LA, you also get two deeded parking spaces so you can fit your Tesla and your Prius, and of course a common swimming pool to lounge by.

4. 443 Greenwich Street, TRIBECA, New York City

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Asking: $8,500,000
Listing Agent: Adam D Modlin
Listing Brokerage: The Modlin Group

Here in Manhattan, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a LEED-certified office building or new development, but we were happily surprised to find a handful of turn-of-the-century loft buildings retrofitted to meet strict LEED-certification standards.

We stopped dead in our tracks when we came across 443 Greenwich in Manhattan’s historic and tony TRIBECA neighborhood.

Built in 1882, 443 Greenwich is a loft lover’s dream come true. Located on a cobblestoned section of Greenwich Street, 443 has a lovingly restored historic facade, a doorman, arched doorways and windows, and a 4,000 square foot common courtyard.

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living
LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Even better, the interior has been lavished with enough luxury finishes to feel special without feeling gaudy and over-the-top like so many other luxury buildings in Manhattan. Case in point; the bookmatched marble wall behind the soaking tub in the master bath.

5. 15 Tres Vidas Ridge, Placitas, New Mexico

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

Asking: $839,000
Listing Agent: Dennis Bianchi
Listing Brokerage: Berkshire Hathaway

When most people think of green technology they imagine cutting edge materials or the latest WiFi-powered air conditioning systems. In fact, some green technology is thousands of years old and was developed as a way to heat or cool homes efficiently in challenging environments.

One of the most well known ancient green building techniques are Adobe homes. Built with thick walls of mud and straw, Adobe homes were naturally energy efficient and allowed our southern American ancestors to keep cool during the afternoon heat, and warm during cold nights.

Instead of mud and straw, modern Adobe style homes in New Mexico like 15 Tres Vidas Ridge use a material called Rastra insulated concrete which offers the same energy efficiency, but far more structural rigidity.

LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living
LEED Certified Homes for Guilt-Free Luxury Living

This LEED-certified home also boasts cool granite tiled floors, custom mosaics, solar panels, and windows that show off the dramatic desert views like picture frames.

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